The Actual Project

Who are we ?

Royal Premiere seeks to enhance and better its customers’ health through the incorporation of these technological breakthroughs into the mainstream of health insurance industry, combining them with the best possible services at the most affordable cost for the customers, to generate a caring and supportive environment where health, longevity and affordability are the key drivers of the business. At Royal Premiere Health Centre, we are dedicated to provide you with easy access to the best in healthcare. Our doctors and medical team priorities patient care and are well supported by warm and caring clinic staff. Royal Premiere Health Centre established at Al Barsha 1, Dubai, in 2021 and came into existence through the collaboration of medical professionals who shared a common vision around providing better healthcare solutions to the community. The founding shareholders were passionate about differentiating health care services through innovative solutions to improve the quality of patient care and improve health services within the community.

The Concept

Virtual Hospital inside VucoWorld

Royal Premier Healthcare

VR HealthCare Centre

The pandemic has hastened a change in the way patients are treated for minor ailments, with plans to offer health services to the patients in the virtual world, or Vuco World, for the first time.

VucoWorld allows users to communicate and move virtually, using three-dimensional avatars or digital representations.

“We have created this virtual environment for people where they can check in from anywhere, without the need for any extra hardware.

“All people need is a browser and a laptop with a camera.”

Consultations will be conducted in real time. Online users “walk into” a Virtual replica of a hospital waiting room and sit at a desk in front of a medical consultant.

The office in the virtual world looks like any other, with chairs, desks and screens displaying medical information for patients.

Visitors have a face-to-face conversation with a medical consultant who is also looking into their camera and appears on screen in the virtual room.

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