Everyone has a role model in their life and this is a no brainer as we always have a superhero from the cartoon world whom we follow and wanna be like them.

Today Generation Alpha describes a generation of children who began being born in the year 2010. They are the children of the Millennials, and often the younger siblings of Generation Z.

Everything is changing and the NFT world will be the future of everything we see purchase or sell. www.Vucoworld.com is producing a new 52 episodic cartoon series about people who want their dreams to come true. Abraxas’s is a fallen angel (The Devil) who is capturing souls and controlling people on earth.


This cartoon was originally first made for real TV series called The Portal. A teaser TV pilot and a first TV episode will now continue as a 52 episodic cartoon featuring NFT’S as the new stars in The new Portal cartoons.

Can you imagine how valuable your nft would be if it were a star in a nft cartoon movie. we are making nft cartoon movies.

Vucoworld is looking for nft faces and characters who we can use in our cartoons.

The new portal cartoon movie will have 52 episodes in it https://vucoworld.com/the-portal-video-nft/ this un-lockable $1.00 movie star ticket will give you our telephone numbers and our email address to put your NFT into our central NFT casting department.

We look forward to seeing your NFT!!!!!

Congratulations and see you in the movies!!!!!!!!!!! 

See you in the NFT movie cartoon.

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