Core Team

John Lamb

CEO / CMO / Board of directors

As”Cheif Metaverse Officer”, John is a considered a tech futurist for Vucoworld metaverse. He is the lead for building intelligence in the blockchain while impacting the look and feel of the new Vucoworld metaverse and Crypto token.

Joe Bonica

Vice President of Marketing / NFT Development Specialist

As a master in blockchain technologies, Joe has been involved in blockchain and cryptocurrencies while building and developing Vucoworld. Joe discovered his passion for smart contracts and NFT development through a deep dive into the art world. Joe Bonica has experience working in startups and corporate environments and brings tenacity and passion working with blockchain, NFT and decentralization.

Muhammad Hussain

Crypto and Blockchain Expert / Metaverse Specialist

Hussain has 15 years experience in web development using JavaScript (React, Angular), Python (Django), and AWS. Hussain has worked on a variety of projects at companies of all sizes. He has been an important problem solver in the teams and never failed to deliver quality work with his hard work and problem-solving skills. Hussain really cares about user-friendliness and the performance of Vucoworld new metaverse and application.

Joshua Flynn

President of Marketing / NFT Development Specialist

Joshua has experience in technology and digital business strategy and has been architecting IT systems and developing software for years. He is self-driven, passionate, flexible, creative, innovative, and solution-focused. Joshua real focus is building the Vucoworld metaverse and integrating the crypto blockchain technology to Vucoworld system. Vucoworld is now set to be a leading metaverse infrastructure platform that enables brands to create, monetize and drive consumer engagement with digital content as Joshua lead’s the company’s metaverse initiatives, including current and upcoming projects and partnerships for brand development.

Noor Saqlain

Crypto and Blockchain Expert / Metaverse Specialist

Sultan has 16 years of expertise in art design, development, and deployment of low latency, high-performance multi-node C++ complex systems. His strong algorithmic background and industrial experience in Crypto currency and cloud storage systems development makes him a great candidate for a large variety of challenging projects inside Vucoworld. Sultan prioritizes Vucoworld requirements and does his best to over-deliver with the highest code quality for the new metaverse.

noor saqlain

Zita Camara

Head of Metaverse Treasury

Zita sperates and maintains systems that are critical to the Vucoworlds financial infrastructure, such as the production of Vuco coin and currency, the disbursement of payments to the shareholders, public relations, revenue collection, and the orderly safe keeping of books and records for owners and shareholders.

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