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What is Vuco world ?

VucoWorld is a decentralized virtual reality platform that will be powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Within the VucoWorld platform, users will be able to create, experience, and monetize their content and applications.

The soon to be finite, traversable, 3D virtual space within VucoWorld is called VucoWorld Digital land, a non-fungible digital asset maintained in an Ethereum smart contract. VucoWorld Digital Land is divided into parcels that are identified by cartesian coordinates (x, y). In VucoWorld there are 25 districts with 4 cities in each district.

These parcels are permanently owned by members of the community and have been purchased using Vuco World Coin which is the native crypto for our Virtual World. This gives users full control over the environments and applications that they create, which can range from anything like static 3D scenes to more interactive applications or games.


Vuco World Decentralized

How is VUCOWORLD decentralized?

The first fully decentralized world, Vuco World is controlled via the VUCOCOIN, which owns the most important smart contracts and assets of VUCOWORLD. Via the VUCOCOIN, you decide and vote on how the world works.

Vuco World Make Money

Can you make money on VUCOWORLD?

In the metaverse of VUCOWORLD it is possible to buy parcels of digital land, develop them, and flip them for a tidy profit. … There are surely multiple other ways to make money from VUCOWORLD real estate, but the point is that real money can be made. The land parcels are represented by their own NFT built and minted on the GameVU NFT minting site.
Vuco World Play

Can you play VUCOWORLD for free?

Yes. You are free to decide whether you will charge other players to access your content and how you will implement said charge. VUCOWORLD is in no way involved in the monetization of your content and does not guarantee any return, profit or income.
Vuco World Resale

What can you sell on VUCOWORLD?

The Marketplace allows you to: Sell parcels and Estates of LAND, wearables, and unique names. Set your own price in VUCOCOIN and an expiration date for the offer. Buy parcels and Estates, wearables, and unique names that are for sale.

A Play2Earn Metaverse

Play-to-earn games are the new gaming model taking the world by storm.

VUCOWORLD will be become the cornerpiece of virtual reality where your dreams become one with the planet, one with the game, and an ever-growing ecosystem of fun.

Multiple planets, multiple games. An ever-growing ecosystem of play to earn games.

Virtual Land

Each game will have its own governing planet. We will run virtual land auctions, where people can purchase their own piece of that planet and earn revenue from the game by completing specific tasks. In the future, these pieces of land can be used to build infrastructure for that planet, such as virtual NFT stores, collection galleries, weapon stores, and buy/sell NFTs from the game. ​

Gaming x Blockchain

Vuco World will collaborate with traditional gaming companies to integrate them onto the blockchain and develop new blockchain gaming features.

Vuco World

The very first edition of NFT release and characters from the VUCOWORLD will be in game in 2022. VUCOCOIN will hold exceptional value and will be scarce and in huge supply.

Only 10,000 of these super rare NFT will ever be minted through the Super staking during our VUCOWORLD METAVERSE Event IN 2022.


Two token systems. will be the governance token, and VUCOCOIN will serve as the another token, which people can earn via completing in-game quests, tournaments, and our future PVP battle mode including the new pay per you model while you watch TV or listen to music. 


Unlike traditional P2E games, Vucoworld games will use a rating system in which a character/player who is more active will get a better rating, allowing them to earn more VUCOCOIN and access more challenging game content.


CHARACTERS VUCOCOIN will be needed to breed characters. Characters can be used to play in-game or traded in our in-house NFT Marketplace ON GAMEVU NFT.


VUCOWORLD will have its own NFT
Marketplace IN GAMEVU, where players can trade
characters, weapons, and other in-game
items with Tokens.

Investment Documentation

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A Quick Metaverse Overview

Understand How Virtual World Works

White Paper

Vuco World Billboard

VucoWorld Billboard Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Slots 001 will be used to advertise inside Vucoworld Virtual Meta-Verse. Landowners and Billboard slot holders who own these signs will be able to sell their products and services inside Vuco world by choosing prime locations to erect special slotted billboards with 001 being the strongest of all slot signs.

Owners of these Billboards who own a slot advertising Billboard will have the right to put these advertising billboards up in the best premium locations depending on the number slot they own with 001 slot being best.

There will only be 100 slot billboards minted in Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze with  001 through 100 inside. These advertising slots can be placed in the best locations attracting people to your brand and company. These slot billboards with total only 500 with no other sign ever to be minted for these special locations. 

Supported Devices

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