How To Register on Crypto Cap Trades

Scan QR Code


Follow Instructions

Step 1

Option 1:

Download the app by typing “Cryptocaptrades” on your Google Playstore. 

Option 2:

Scan the QR code given above

Option 3:

Click the Download Button above

Step 2

Once the download is complete open Crypto Cap Trades App and click “Create Account” 

Step 3

At the registration page enter your 



and click on Confirm 

Step 4

Once the the details are confirmed your will receive and OTP on your e-mail. 

Enter this OTP on the page shown. 

Step 5

After the Email is Verified a phrase of words will be shown to you. 

Make sure you keep this phrase Safe and Secure as it will be Used to recover your account. 

You can not recover your account without this phrase

Once you have completed your registration process you can transfer and trade your assets within Crypto Cap Trades

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