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From the Creator

The Concept x Creator

For me, art is a mirror of one’s life and feelings. One day, as I was reflecting on how amazing it is to fall in love and how life will be after changing your marital status in the future. I came up with an idea and sketched it down on paper to create a representation of an individual, such as a single person or a couple, who is dealing with specific challenges in their lives and how they express themselves through various frames of art. After a week of thinking and revisions, I came up with an abstract art that represents the life of the couple in real life. With the support of my friends, Couple Trouble NFT was created, and the Founder of Vuco NFT then gave me permission to show and make these collections public. Simply shows how wonderful it is to be yourself, whether alone or with a companion.

About Triple Trouble

Triple Trouble NFTs are 10,000 Collections of Generative Abstract Art with an aesthetic and ornamental fine arts twist. Definitely one-of-a-kind

The Couple x Trouble

There’s no denying how difficult things are right now, so many couples who have never fought before—or at least considered they were good at fighting constructively—are bracing for an uptick in fights

The Empowered Women

 Women are known for being fabulous, stylish, and elegant. Like to explore and can be complicated and bipolar sometimes. They become progressively distinctive from their partner over time and adapt as an outcome

The Dominant Man

 Males who are “Alpha” are at the top of the social rank ladder. They have more power, money, and mates as a result of their physical prowess, intimidation, and dominance.

Road Map

1. Project Launch

On our target date, 10,000 Triple Trouble Art Club NFTs will publicize the Polygon Blockchain. Get one and become a part of the community.

01. Create a collection 10,000 CoupleTroubleNFTArts Token.

02. Marketing & Pre-Sale Campaign We do advertising. Building a strong community.

03. PRESALE (subject to change) Price: 138 Matic for 8,000/10,000*

04. Public Sale (subject to change) Public Sale price 148 Matic


Keep your eyes peeled because there will be several giveaways. If you have our rare items, you have a chance to win $1,000, as well as an exclusive whitelisting deal for our next generation Couple Trouble v2.0 Drops.

01. Twitter/Discord Promotion & Giveaways (NFT Giveaways)

02. Discord Level Contest/Freebies (NFT Giveaways)

03. Discord Invitation Contest/Freebies (NFT Giveaways)

04. Couple Talks – Confession Contest (NFT Giveaways)

05. Couple Trouble NFT ~ Christmas 2022 Community Give Back Drive (Give away 20% of sales to the NFT Holders)

06. Couple Trouble NFT Arts Poster Making Contest (December 2022 – NFT Holders only)

07. 1:1 Exclusive T-Shirt Freebies for NFT Holders (January 2023 – Mechanics TBA)

08. Christmas Charity Care Drive (Donating 2.5% of Sales to Jagam Foundation)


Holders will have access to the Couple Trouble Store, where they can order their 1-of-1 Couple Trouble Shirt. To place an order, a minimum of 10 owned NFT is required.

4. GEN 2.0 COUPLENFT (Q1 2023)

Couple Trouble will undergo a Generation 2.0 update. Because we just provide the finest. More info Soon.

5. UTILITY (Q1 2023) ​

We intend to include some additional NFT functionality in the project.

The Collection

Couple Triple Trouble Art Club is a collection of 10,000 generative NFTs linked together in the Polygon blockchain.

Each Couple Triple Trouble NFTs is one-of-a-kind Abstract Art with a visual and decorative fine arts twist. That visually interprets the life of couples as the two people involved in the art, and the third character represents the life of a single person.

CoupleTroubleNFT by VUCO NFT

Project Details

Social Media Exposure

NFT Structure

Project => Company 

Creator => Founder

DAO => Management

Collector => Shareholder

NFTs => Shares

JPEG => Stock Certificate

Roadmap => 10K

Utility => Product

Community => Marketing 

Royalties => Revenue

Token => Dividend

Note: NFT is designed with the interests of the community in mind. The NFT exists because of the community.

Couple Triple Trouble Art Club

• CoupleTroubleNFTArt (1st generation)

• CoupleTripleTroubleNFT Version 2.0 (Quarter 1of 2023 – Next Project)

Note: NFT projects should be ongoing so that NFT holders can keep their NFT and invest more in future projects.


Ronnie Versace, Joshua Flynn, Miss Roxy & Jeff

NFT Holders

Achieve 10K Sale target

• 1:1 T-Shirt (Promo – TBA)

• Get 1:1 Gen 2.0 NFT (TBA)

• Privileges on Exclusive Events

• Get updated on the upcoming NFT Sales from Vuco NFT

• Participate in the Gen 2.0 Couple Arts

• and much more…

Marketing, NFT Enthusiast, Children & Artist

5% for the Creator & 5% for the Company (includes 2.5% to Jagam)

20% worth of prizes to give-away (Dividends Payout for our NFT Holders)

Events, Freebies and Promotions

Date: June 20 ~ June 24

Price: 128 MATIC ($58)

Date: June 28

Price: 148 MATIC ($67)

Date: Quarter 4 of 2022

Terms & Conditions:

• 50 percent of NFT must be sold.

• Print 1:1 Only • Holder needs to own 10 NFT, Sign up a form and we validate

• Will contact the NFT Holder to validate

• Winner will pay the Shipping Fee

• 1:1 Print FREE T-Shirt (x5)

Date: Quarter 1 of 2023

Terms & Conditions:

• 50% of NFT must be sold.

• Holder needs to own 10 NFT, Sign up a form and we validate

• Will receive 5 random NFT via Safe Transfer or Air Drop

Date: Quarter 1 of 2023

Terms & Conditions:

• 80% of NFT must be sold.

• Holder needs to own 10 NFT, Sign up a form and we validate

• Active member in discord

• Must be present in the live event to confirm and validate

• 3 Winner of $1000

• 4 Winners of $500 • 5 Winner of $200 as consolation prize

Exclusive Access to:

• Vuco NFT projects: an exclusive sneak peek

• Get notified about upcoming promotions and events.

•Participate in the development of our Couple Arts Generation 2.0 projects.

NFT is a non-profit organization committed to arts patrons in the community. We’d like to let them know that 2.5 percent of our sales and royalties go to, a nonprofit organization in the Philippines that helps underprivileged and disabled children overcome their living conditions.

Sales Projections


Date: June 20 ~ June 24

Price: 128 MATIC ($58)

If sold 8k: $58 x 8,000 NFT = $464,000

Note: 2000 NFT are RESERVED (Promo, Give-Aways & etc).

Public Sale

Date: June 28

Price: 148 MATIC ($67)

If sold 8k: $67 x 8,000 NFT = $536,000

Note: 2000 NFT are RESERVED (Promo, Give-Aways & etc).

Strategic & Marketing Plan


#1 (Classic & Recommended)


This is the most common and typical method of selling the NFT.

Inspired by the following NFT Projects:

• Bored Aped Yanct Club –

• Cheeky Lion Club –

We will keep the NFT HIDDEN.

Create a PRESALE Sale with our DAPP.

When we reach our TARGET NFT sales goal, such as 8,000 Max at a pre-sale price of 0.05 ETH, we will REVEAL the NFT to the world once we have hit our maximum presale requirement and if the event has ended.

Pre-Set Price:

Presale = 128 MATIC ($58)

Public Sale = 148 MATIC ($67)

Note: We can alter the price.

Minting DAPP:

Note: Each mint will allow a minimum of 1 NFT and a maximum of 10 NFT per account to purchase; please ensure you are in your POLYGON wallet before proceeding, and if they mint successfully, it will be transferred to our OPENSEA account. OPENSEA:

Note: After the Purchased, Please check the HIDDEN folder in your opensea account if the NFT is not in your account. OPENSEA has secured the nfts by hiding it to the public when acquired, especially for safe transfer transactions.

Minting NFT

Please select Polygon Mainnet.

If you don’t have the network, please set up with the instruction below:

please follow this instruction:

Note: make sure you have balance for Polygon MATIC in your account.

Please change the Gas Fee by clicking the EDIT.

Click on the Edit suggested gas fee.

Please select “Medium”, then Proceed.

Then click “Confirm”. ** wait for the confirmation in the MINTING DAPP regarding your purchase. *** if there’s an error while doing this process, please don’t hesitate to email us or join us in our discord channel –
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